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Quick and Easy Banana Bread

If you have a pretty busy life balancing work, family, a relationship (and have those 3 week old bananas sitting on your counter totally attracting fruit flies), then this is a good recipe for you! This is the best banana bread recipe I had made in a while! Its quick,...

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Best Vegetarian Chili

Just wait till you give this AMAZING vegetarian chili a try. I know ….. I said the V word, but trust me this is one recipe you wont need the meat for!
Step 1) Go ahead and get a fairly large pot and put it on the stove, and add the kidney, black, and chili beans along with the corn. Make sure a use all the liquid from the beans, because it will add some extra flavoring. ( but strain the corn )

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My Perfect Breakfast

The idea of a perfect breakfast is hard to set your finger one. A lot of times it depends on the weather, your mood, and your days plan. For me, right now with the weather changing and the cold front hopefully coming in tonight ( prayers) my perfect breakfast, on a nice rainy early morning, would look something like this.

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Know your pasta?

Are you a pasta lover like me? Test your knowledge of these pasta times and see how well you do! Its trickier then you may think!

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