If you answered yes to this qhestion, then honey I know the store for you…

Say Hello to My Modern Mess

This is the cutest little store located right here in Tulsa, OK  and here is what you need to know….

Where can you find My Modern Mess?????

Easy. My Modern Mess is located at the Boxyard Tulsa. ( that cute little shopping center made from shipping containers ) If you live here in Tusa, then you have more than likely driven by at some point.

Sooo… if a saturday comes around and you feel like a shopping trip,  try something new! Give your inner modern mess a new look.

The address:

502 E. 3rd St.

Unit 4

Tulsa, OK 74120


What Sets My Modern Mess Apart?

Its obvious..

Just look at their clothing selection. My Mod isnt afraid to be bold and new! They always have a large range of options; so you find a look that says “Hello, this is my personality in clothing form”

Its all about enbracing whatever you want to be!

Some may say its just clothes.. but to others is a way of life. The way you dress is what makes you happy, makes you blend in, or if you take advantage of the posibilties, its what makes you .. well whatever YOU want to be.

My Modern Mess embrases that, rather than just sell whats trending at the time.

Sooooo… Give  outlandish, bold, uniquie, and beautifully you a try.

Its Modern. Its a mess, but its yous.


My Modern Mess.

Visit My Modern Mess Website

*Pictures provided by My Modern Mess

Seriously guys…. go checki it out! 

Stay Lovely darlings,