How to have a good day

#1 – Wake up early. As silly as that sounds when you wake up earlier you have a longer day, and more time to complete the things you wanted to, which will make you feel more satisfied with your day.

#2 – Smile. Some say to “fake it till you make it” and forcing yourself to smile even if you are feeling down, can actually lead you to a happier day, because when you fake it you won’t dwell on depressed thoughts, but instead do things you think are “happy”. Before you know it you will forget your faking it and you will just be happy, and wearing that smile for real.

#3 – Make a list of tasks you want to complete in the day. When you waste your day around with tv and sleeping, you will find yourself at the end of the day regretting not taking advantage of the time you had. So make a list. I like to start my mornings off with some coffee, my cat, and my to-do list. They don’t have to be chores, or work. Your list could consist of: Go for a walk, find a new recipe to make, hand out with an old friend, or start up a new hobby.

#4 – Learn something new. Have a sense of wonder. No matter what it is or how silly it may be, strive to learn new things every day. When you live the same day to day life with either school or work, it’s important to make change where you can. So learn. We have unlimited ways to learn new and interesting things everyday so pick up a book, randomly search google, or talk to a friend. Here is one for you today… How long does it take to travel from Earth to Mars??

#5 – Limit your social media. As great as it can be, it can also be harmful. It’s so easy to browse for an hour on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. But while doing so it’s so easy to compare ourselves and our life to the ones we see. We can see all the things others may have and we don’t. Doing so can may you feel bad about yourself, without even meaning to. Its important to remember that everyone posts the best of themselves and their life. What you see isn’t their everyday life. Everyone has struggles and can be unhappy with what they have, no matter how much their life may seem complete. The key is to be happy with where you are at in life and with whom you share your life. Friends and family are what will truly make you happy, so limit your time on social media and invest that time elsewhere.

#6- Do what makes you happy. I know we all have responsibilities and things we have to do during the day, but save time to do what you love. You only have so much time during the day, the year, and your life. So always full it will what brings you joy. That may be people, a place, a hobby, your pet, or doing nothing at all. A quote I love is that “the secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day”.