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How to Pull Off the No Makeup Look

You don’t need to cover your face in makeup to be pretty, we promise! If you take care of your skin, teeth, and hair, you will look and feel beautiful. In fact, you can get model good looks by investing in products that will enhance your beauty instead of covering up your flaws.

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Perfect Pink Makeup Tutorial

Hey Guys!!! I hope you like my new Perfect Pink Makeup Tutorial. This is my quick and easy everyday look with a new Drama Queen matt lip gloss. Please like or comment below!! I would love to hear what you think!
More makeup tutorials can be found on the Always Lulu Youtube channel

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Wild Purple Makeup Tutorial

Hi!! Welcome to Always Lulu. In this tutorial I show you guys a cool new lip color and a blush eye shadow. I hope you enjoy and please please please LIKE or COMMENT to let me know what you think!! More makeup looks tutorials can be found on the Always Lulu YouTube channel

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Kylie Jenner Top Hair Colors

This is the look Kylie had in Las Vegas on May 18th in 2014 for the Billboard Music Awards. I really loved the color and cut on her. Its bright, bold, and fun! If I could pull this off I would try it in a heart beat.

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Fall Must-Haves

Every season has their clothing necessities, and fall is no exception. I have a list of fall must-haves that I like to keep up to date each year. Having these items makes finding an outfit to wear each morning much easier.

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DIY Choker

One of today’s biggest growing trends are chokers. Follow these step by step instructions, with pictures, to build your own custom choker in any shape, style, color, or size.

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