Every season has their clothing necessities, and fall is no exception. I have a list of fall must-haves that I like to keep up to date each year. Having these items makes finding an outfit to wear each morning much easier.

  1. Good pairs on jeans. No question in this one. Having comfortable jeans to wear keeps you just warm enough but also gives a cute fall style to your outfit. You really can not go wrong adding more jeans to your wardrobe.

2. SCARVES. If I was to go in my closet and count the number of scarves I own… that would be a number I may be embarrassed to share, but scarves allow you to add a pop of color and texture to your outfit. Keeping a neutral color pallet with the rest of your outfit and then adding a colorful scarf is the way to go.

3. My number one fall weakness is sweaters. They are so comforting and are like wearing a blanket around all day. You can even buy larger ones and they can easily become a sweater dress. Toss some boots and a scarf in the mix and you have the cutest fall outfit.If you check out the Always Lulu Blog Instagram you can see some examples of pulling off a big sweater dress.

4. Items that I tend to live in all fall are just plain Jane t-shirts. I like to stick to grays, tans, and whites. They are staple items, but when paired with a bright scarf or jacket, they are totally in-style.

5. It can be very hard to find good but stylish shoes to wear in colder weather that arent chunky or awkwardly clashing with the cut of your jeans, but the best solution to this problem is booties! These little boots can be found in any store almost, and in different colors and styles. For the most part they are pretty durable for the cold and wet season, but also ( depending on where you shop ) very affordable! I personally like Call it spring (http://www.callitspring.com/us/en_US)  , or Targets ( http://www.target.com/c/boots-women-s-shoes/-/N-5xtd1 ) .