Today’ s interior decor trends change so fast that by the time you collect enough art, lamps, and what-nots to finish the rooms “look” , the trend has passed and its on to the next one. That’s why sometimes in order to make the look ( without breaking the bank) you have to dig a little. When I redecorated my living room I was really getting into the chill boho look. I just started painting again and it provided a environment that felt inspirational in a way…. if that makes any since.

To get me started with the new room decor i knew there was one item that was a must… a tapestry! It seemed as though I browsed for hours on Ebay, Urban Outfitters, and Amazon; trying to find that perfect big, colorful,  random hunk of square fabric to hang on my wall. It was a challenge I must say, but who doesn’t love online shopping for hours.. after hours.. after hours. I finally found the right one that was large enough, and had a great color pallet.

Soimg_8866 once that was up the next thing I felt was needed was a cute setup for my coffee table. Sure it would be easy to just go out and buy
a bunch of new things to decorate it with , but I’m 20 .. which means I am on a budget. So the search began. I decided the bohemian look really is just a bunch of random items you would find normal on their own, but cool when put together. First I needed a tray; something to display the rest of the items on. Lucky for me I found an old wicker try that i had used outside on my patio in the past. I cleaned and washed it a bit, and just like that it looked perfect. Jojo liked it too.

Next Item I felt it img_8850needed was something to give some height to the set-up. I thought about a vase, but it didn’t look right, then I stacked some books…. but that felt a little to cliché. The item I ended up setting with was a little lantern. It was an item I had originally bought for my dorm in the past, but it worked great for my coffee table set-up. Even thought I did not use the stack of books I still thought at least one would look cool. It was a metal decor book that my sister had given me for Christmas, so i was happy to be able to finally put it on display.

A lot of pictures I looked at for ideas had some greenery and plants included. I have always loved owls, so for some reason I tend to buy random owl items hah, but I guess my weird little obsession paid off this time, because this cute little planted owl ceramic I had looked great with the other items I gathered. The most important thing is to make it you. If you love dogs, then add a dog figurine. If you love FOOD.. then we should be friends because I LOVE food hah, but you get my point. This is your home, which means whatever style tend you are following, should still be you.


So in the end once you have all the items you have gathered from around your house, arrange that in which ever way pleases you. I chose to stack a few and just arrange in a unorganized way to keep that boho feel. You should now have a cute, new center piece for you living room coffee table. The best part is that you did not have to go out and spend a bunch of money on new items. All the nick-nacks where gathered from your own home and put together to be the newest addition to your home decor, but like i said before you can make this in any style and with any items. The most important thing is that you love it. Its your house, its yours style, and its your new little project.