Thank you. I don’t feel like those words can express what you mean to me, but thank you.

Thank you for introducing yourself to me, when I was new.

Thank you for making me feel welcomed in a place surrounded by strangers.

Thank you for sharing your hobbies and interest with me.

Thank you for investing in my life in a way no one had before.

Thank you for sharing some of my best memories.

Thank you for all the rainy days filled with movies and tea.

Thank you for never failing to cheer me up on a lonely or stressful day.

Thank you for pushing me to succeed in class by following your example.

Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Thank you for pulling out my personality, when I was comfortable with fitting in.

Thank you for being there for all the stupid break-ups and tears.

Thank you for being my role model when it comes to experiencing all that the world has to offer.

Thank you for all the inside jokes about statues, that still bring a smile to my face all these years later.

Thank you for being my closest friend even when we wouldn’t see each other for weeks.

Thank you for moving away and making me realize never to take a single moment I have with you for granted.

Thank you for never forgetting about me.

Thank you for being you and all your wild ways.

Thank you for being the most amazing, sweet, funny, caring friend in the world.

Forever your weirdo friend,