Starting a relationship is exciting and new. Its full of firsts and leaning a new person. What makes them happy; what makes them sad. It takes a lot to really get to know someone, and you can never always ask all the right questions, but hopefully these 10 will help.

1) 3 things that make him happy. By asking this you not only get a few future hints for things you can do to make him happy, but you also get to see what kinds of things he prioritizes in his life. If he says things like family, friends, or hobbies, then he has good focus in life on what matters. If he replies with answers like his truck, PS4, or personal possessions, then you may see he values materialistic things in life.

2) What’s his favorite Movie? By asking this you can see if you have similar interests in movies and shows, and could also be a future date night.

3) What kind of relationship does he have with his family? Not only is this an important part of getting to know someone, but this also can give you an idea of how he grew up, and he will be happy to see that you are showing interests in getting to know the people closest to him.

4) What was the scariest moment in his life? By asking him this he has to open up to you and trust you with parts of his life he most likely doesn’t share with others. This trust will strengthen your relationship and open up deeper conversations.

5) Who does he look up to in life? Its good to know who a man idols and desires to be like. Knowing this shows which characteristics he values above others.

6) What are his top hobbies? This is more of a fun question and you can know what hidden talents he has, that you may not have known.

7) Is he religious? This is a biggie. When you pursue a relationship you are looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with. It’s important to find someone who has the same beliefs as you in life; so that you can grow together and lean on that shared faith in times of need and in day to day life.

8) What does he want to do for a career? This is great question to ask because you get to hear this amazing man you like open up with excitement and anticipation talking about his future dreams and goals.

9) Is he an introvert or an extrovert? Knowing if he is an introvert or extrovert helps you to see how he may like spending his time, and you know what kind of activities he may enjoy for future dates.

10) Ask him if he likes you! If may seem like a silly question, but if he really cares about you, then he shouldn’t have trouble coming right out and saying it. If he says yes, then you can continue to grow in your relationship, but if he says “maybe not” or that he sees you more as a friend, then now by asking him straight-up, you didn’t waste 5 months growing attached to a guy that doesn’t feel the same. So as awkward as it may be, go ahead and ask.